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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the rapidly growing developments in Business Process Management (BPM) due to its extensive scope.  Before moving further, let us first understand RPA in simple terms and there is no other better statement than “RPA takes the robot out of the human” (Source). So, RPA can execute repetitive clerical tasks performed by humans, with...
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Scale your business, let robots handle mundane tasks Why didn’t SMEs adopt RPA? Relatively small, focused, and domain-intensive small and medium companies should have adopted RPA to automate some of their processes. But what happened? There were apprehensions based on assumptions:  RPA is for enterprises that require governance, high maintenance and ITConfusing pricing of the Enterprise RPA platformsThe need for...
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Numerous and diverse organizations from around the world are adopting robotic process automation (RPA) to ensure that their business operations are more beneficial, have fewer blunders, and improve information security. Fundamentally, RPA is deployed to help organizations strategically pivot as per changing business landscape to fulfil company goals and visions. However, how can organizations know whether RPA is developed and...
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Digitization in industries is redefining everything once again. It is altering the way people and businesses interact with technology. The healthcare industry is no exception. As the industry deals with ever-growing amounts of data associated with patients and other healthcare processes, the adoption of advanced digital technologies like AI, RPA, and cloud computing is on the rise.  Along with data...
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We are in a world where we have access to automated capabilities. Automation is not a new-born concept. It’s been present for quite some time as manufacturing sectors started implementing automation in assembly lines a decade back. Even though automation is becoming popular, especially due to the hype of autonomous vehicles, numerous organizations still feel hesitant to deploy this technology. ...
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