40 Supplier Invoices to be updated in Sage X3? RPA does that in 25 minutes!


A leading wholesaler based out of Australia supplies dairy, fresh produce, and dry store products to leading five-star hotels and casinos. They deal with more than 40 suppliers who supply raw materials weekly/monthly or based on the order.  A few are weekly suppliers and a few are monthly. Each supplier has a different payment term – some within two days of receipt and a few by end of the month.

Handling 40 suppliers and their invoices has always been a nightmare for the business team to update them into the X3 system and get them processed. 

Businesses often create recurring supplier invoices to create an ability to charge the supplier either daily/monthly automatically or a specific recurring period. This helps the organization to have some convenience and flexibility in handling multiple supplier invoices.

Exploring the possibility of Recurring Supplier Invoice

If the users have some of their recurring expenses at a defined schedule (weekly/Monthly etc.), then we have an option in Sage X3 to create a template to reduce the number of instances we have to do data entry work.

Let’s take an example of Monthly Rental and the steps involved in setting up a recurring invoice:

  • Navigate to AP/AR accounting –> Invoice –> Recurring Supplier Invoices.
  • Click on Recurring Supplier invoices.
  • Select a previous invoice to freeze the template
  • Select the Frequency to invoice
  • Select the start date and end date for this recurring invoice

With the setup, now we can create the process.

  • Navigate to AP/AR accounting –> Invoice –> Recurring Invoice creation
  • Click on Supplier BP Invoice
  • Select the Invoice until date & Accounting date
  • Click ok to generate a log of invoices.

This approach helped the organization to reduce the efforts spent on data entry work as most of the invoices were recurring and the batch program helped in updating the X3 system. 

What if there is a better solution to handle the end-to-end process to make Sage X3 a hands-free ERP?

Now, let’s look at how RPA handles supplier invoices right from reading supplier invoice emails, extracting vital information from the invoice documents, and creating an entry into Sage X3.

The robot is trained to scan through the mailbox’s emails and identify the supplier invoice emails. Once the robot downloads the invoices to a local folder, it extracts the vital information from the invoices, validates the information before updating into Sage X3.

Here is a short video snippet of robots working on X3 to create an invoice entry for 10 suppliers, including updating the product lines.

With the RPA approach, we have been able to improve the process efficiencies by 250% as the robots handle the process end-to-end without any human intervention, Adherence to SLA has always been 100%, and most importantly this has helped to make Sage X3 one step closer to Intelligent ERP.

Digital Leaf Solutions (www.digitalleaf.io) leverages the power of intelligent automation and help our customer to embrace the digital transformation journey for operational efficiency. A Digital Employee complements your team, improves process efficiencies, accuracy, compliance, and reduces the total cost of the processes.

Reach out to us at hello@digitalleaf.io

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