Leveraging technologies to implement a successful digital transformation strategy!


The tech giants have been digitally transforming the way how the world evolves through technologies.

Once the tedious activities like banking transactions are made simple and easy activities like ordering food or video conferencing with your loved ones can now be done with just a fraction of seconds. The emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and Data Analytics is impacting the digital transformation in an organization. Few of such technologies are listed below.

Automation through Artificial Intelligence

Organizations are transforming their workforce structure by majorly depending on automating the mundane manual tasks. This process also extended to the customer servicing industry resulting in high customer satisfaction rates.

Firms are deploying AI into major industrial applications to handle the redundant and manual expensive tasks. By depending on AI, significant organizations are unbundling the opportunities in analytics and insights through data. So, this creates a new approach to customize solutions for any kind of challenge or requirement. 


The industries which require a lot of manual efforts are putting IoT into a smarter way to enable their business through smart infrastructure and facilities. The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is now evolving with its own field of expertise, providing organizations with data collected on their machines and tools before using machine learning or artificial intelligence to analyze it and support decision making recommendations.

Augmented Reality:

It is becoming the seamless connection of people with technology. This enables next-gen human-machine interaction. ‘When the manufacturing workers could supervise and connect to the site using AR and leverage the silos of data in the cloud for analytics is one such use case of real-time data processing.


Blockchain is extending its applicability of technology into multiple industry spaces, and the financial sector is top among them. But the digital transformation industry is keen on adapting this technology for a more organized supply chain and data system. Most of the retailers are researching their effectiveness in sourcing raw materials and goods.

Data Analytics:

The world is regulating how a firm should handle data and the importance of the customer’s data. The technological evolution made sure effective consumption of data through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. The analytics are helping the firms to make long-term decisions through calculated risks and insights.

The best practice to implement digital transformation is not to rely on a single technology but to go with the emerging technologies and innovational change throughout the cycle. To learn more about implementing digital transformation for a successful business strategy, get in touch with our experts at hello@digitalleaf.io

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