RPA for Sage X3? Here’s our Sales Quotation Robot!


Sales Enablement Processes in Sage X3 involve Quotation, Quote to Order, Invoicing, etc. The Sales quote is an important tool in the end-to-end Sales Enablement Process, helping the Sales team or the Customer service team with the estimates of the products/services offered, pricing, inventory available, etc.

A typical manual process includes the following (not limited to) steps within Sage X3:

  • The sales Team receives the quote in an email. 
  • The quotation document is downloaded to the local machine.
  • Log into Sage x3 –> Sales –> Quotes –> Create (a new quotation).
  • Update the new quotation screen with the information such as (Site where we want to register the quotation, Customer information, RFQ no (if any), Shipment site.
  • Upon updating the essential info, the Invoicing Tab is updated with Payment terms and discount information.
  • The lines tab is updated with Production information, units, the price per unit, the commission, etc.

Upon creating the quote, we can print the quotations to take it forward for review and the following process.

Bringing in Automation to improve the process efficiency

This is where Robotic Process Automation can make a competitive difference. It can handle high-volume, repetitive tasks and free human labor for high-value work. 

As businesses return to normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic scare, RPA will be an imperative technology for scaling the operations and business continuity planning. Cost savings are among the most tangible RPA benefits, not to forget faster work completion with nearly zero manual errors in traditional data entry and management methods. RPA outputs more than its inputs compared with the fraction of cost behind the improved ROI for businesses.

Adding Value to an ERP System

Billions of dollars and millions of working-hours are lost through assembly line errors and defective products, which involves much time, energy, and money that goes into rectifications. RPA is proven to cut manual error by almost 57% of employees focus more on customer service and delivery.

In the below short video, we demonstrate the power of RPA in automating the Sales Quotation process with X3.

The automation scope can be extended to the other processes that are part of the Sales Management – Sales Order Creation, Invoicing, and reporting. 

Digital Leaf Solutions’ expertise in handling Sage ERP and Robotic Process Automation has unlocked many opportunities to make Sage X3 a completely Intelligent ERP. 

Check out our page here for more use cases of RPA on Sage ERP.

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