Gaining competitive advantage, powered by open source

How should IT leaders think of technology today? Should total cost of ownership (TCO) drive digital transformation decisions? Or should quality of software? Which is a better option: proprietary or Open-source?

As you contemplate these questions, here’s a glimpse into the current priorities of IT leaders:

  • a strong emphasis on improved security
  • delivery of higher-quality software
  • scalability and flexibility with cost effectiveness

These factors, Security, Software Quality & Value for Technology investments, stand out as the fundamental drivers behind scalable and enduring IT transformations.

Here’s a fact: proprietary software is deemed for maximum change in the coming years. IT leaders re making a switch toward open source for various application. A recent study reported that 80% of IT leaders expect to increase their use of enterprise open-source software for emerging technologies – in areas such as AI, ML, edge computing, and the IoT.

Enterprise open source is a strategic asset and offers tangible long-term benefits. According to a Red Hat survey, more than 75% of IT leaders agree that:

  • Open-source provides developers and vendors the flexibility to customize solutions quickly
  • Open-source ensures the development team has access to the latest innovations
  • Open-source has simplified the process of adopting hybrid cloud architectures
  • Open-source plays a significant role in security strategy for the long haul

Digital transformation is not the only use case, IT leaders are looking at applying open source across IT infrastructure modernization, application development and modernization.

Open-source software is not just the future; it is already a fundamental part of the present in many web, mobile, and cloud solutions. Its adoption is snowballing, and organizations of all sizes can benefit from it, even small businesses. 41% of small organizations already have an open-source strategy. By leveraging open-source software, companies can create a competitive advantage in the market. Those who understand its benefits and actively use the technology can maximize its potential. It is a misconception to think that open-source software is only for big companies with vast resources.

At Digital Leaf, we have long championed the advantages of open-source technology for our clients. Our recent strategic partnership with OpenSource DB, a Startup India recognized and an ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certified company in PostgreSQL, propels us even deeper into this realm. This partnership reflects our unwavering dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions to our clients and underscores the substantial advantages of open-source technology.

Open-source software offers several advantages, including transparency, cost-effectiveness, and a collaborative community that continually enhances and refines the technology. PostgreSQL, in particular, stands out as a robust and feature-rich open-source database management system. Its reliability, scalability, and extensibility make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a powerful, flexible, and cost-efficient database solution.

CoE-driven Automation

A CoE-driven automation strategy applied distributed focus to maximize benefits.

Digital Leaf’s partnership with OpenSource DB unlocks a wealth of opportunities for our clients. By leveraging the expertise of OpenSource DB in PostgreSQL, our clients can harness the full potential of this open-source database. They gain access to top-tier support, database optimization, and tailored solutions, all while reaping the cost benefits of open source.

Vamsi Pala, CEO, Digital Leaf

Vamsi's unique take on evolving business challenges enables the Digital Leaf team to deliver consistent results for clients.