Insights from Digital Leaf

SAPOps in Manufacturing: Augmenting Omni-Channel Automation with Centralized Orchestration

Exlore how a centrally orchestrated SAPOps solution led to significant improvements in process efficiencies and substantial cost reductions across various operational processes.

The Parachute Principles of ERP Modernization: Integration, Intelligence, and Innovation.

In this blog, explore our thoughts on why ERP Modernization is more than just moving to the Cloud. It works best when Cloud Migration is balanced with future-ready processes to deliver sustained enterprise-wide results.

SAP Automation Heatmap: Av. Automation Readiness, typical FTE count, Av. Time to Automate processes.

Explore how our solutions, rooted in a Centre of Excellence (CoE)-driven methodology, propel you towards a swifter market presence, assuring substantial cost efficiencies in the long-term trajectory.

Navigating the DX Minefield: Strategies to Mitigate Operational Breakdown

Explore the three key strategies to avoid operational breakdowns that often cause breakdowns in digital transformation initiatives.

Automation Is Not Just RPA: It needs building a CoE to create long-term value.

In this blog, explore our thoughts on why process automation needs more than mere RPA – it needs strategic partners to drive long-term value. But how? Read to find out.

Gen 1 & Low-code RPA tools and their license cost: We’re hearing a big NO

Discover more on our recommended Python-based automation solutions, which enables you to create custom automation solutions across various enterprise needs.