The State of ”SALY” with Small and Medium Businesses: Embracing Automation for Growth!

Staying stuck in the 'Same As Last Year' (SALY) state is a surefire way for SMBs to remain stagnant. Breaking free from this cycle of repetitive tasks isn't just a choice – it's the lifeline for growth.

Are you tired of watching your employees drown in time-consuming manual processes? Well, you’re not alone! Many Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) find themselves struggling with inefficient and manual tasks that eat up precious time and resources. But fear not – there’s a solution on the horizon. It’s time to talk about the magic word: Automation.

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The Manual Madness

Picture this: someone on your team diligently collects data day in and day out, just to compile a report. The format remains the same, and so do the data sources. It’s repetitive, mind-numbing work that keeps your employees stuck in a loop. And let’s be honest, nobody likes busywork.

Real-Life SMB Struggles

Let’s dive into some real-world SMB scenarios that’ll probably hit close to home:

Case 1: Your company receives shipment delivery notifications around the clock, but you’re short-staffed to keep your internal freight management system updated. The clock’s ticking, and management is eager for accurate shipment statuses by day’s end.

Case 2: Matching incoming supplier invoices against purchase orders is a mountainous task. The finance team spends way too much time sifting through 450 invoices a month, validating details, and dealing with discrepancies. It’s an exhausting process.

Case 3: Your ERP system needs around 1200 sales orders every month to keep the supply chain optimized. A dedicated team of 8 is working in shifts to manage the constant influx of orders. It’s a race against time, and frankly, it’s not sustainable.

The Wake-Up Call

We’ve got around 40 stories from different industries – think Audit & Compliance, Accounting & Finance, Retail, Logistics, Oil & Gas, and Higher Education. The common thread? These businesses are stuck in the manual grind. But there’s a silver lining: automation could be their ticket to smoother operations and better customer experiences.

Excellence in Practice

We help SMBs embrace strategic digital transformation in a matter of weeks, not months.

The Resistance to Change

So, why aren’t SMBs rushing to embrace automation, you ask? There are a couple of roadblocks:

1. Understanding Total Cost of Ownership for RPA Implementation

Cost isn’t just about the money you pour into technology; it’s also about the time, effort, and process adjustments. What if something goes haywire? Who’s going to maintain these automated processes? It’s a valid concern.

Consider a recent success story from the Food & Beverage industry. We helped a company receiving over 600 orders monthly to deploy a multi-bot solution. The result? Staff was freed from mundane order creation tasks, allowing them to focus on customer service and business development. The increase in upselling and new accounts far outweighed the automation costs.

2. Picking the Right Processes to Automate

The first step to embracing automation is pinpointing the right processes to automate. Instead of just automating for the sake of it, focus on solving actual problems. If you notice your staff drowning in repetitive tasks or multiple people working on the same thing, those are the areas screaming for automation.

A Bright Future for SMBs

Here’s the exciting part – intelligent automation has a bright future for SMBs. The versatility it offers means that businesses of all sizes can benefit from it.

Imagine a world where your employees are liberated from the shackles of repetitive tasks. They have more time to focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and growth. It’s a world where your business isn’t hindered by manual processes, but instead thrives through efficient automation.

In conclusion, it’s time for SMBs to shake off the shackles of manual labor and embrace the future of automation. Those time-consuming processes that have been holding your business back can be a thing of the past. The key lies in understanding the true costs and benefits of automation and strategically picking the right processes to transform. The SMB landscape is changing, and automation is the ticket to growth, efficiency, and success. Don’t be left behind – jump on the automation bandwagon and watch your business flourish like never before!

Vamsi Pala, CEO, Digital Leaf

Vamsi's unique take on evolving business challenges enables the Digital Leaf team to deliver consistent results for clients.